sport, health, and clinical psychology

Offering Evidence-Based Services in

Offering Evidence-Based Services in

sport, health, and clinical psychology


Dr. Gary S. Rose, provides a broad spectrum of consultation, training, and intervention in behavioral, health, and sports psychology. Utilizing the evidence-based techniques of MI/CBT, Dr. Rose integrates humanistic therapeutic practices with state-of-the-science cognitive behavioral strategies including exposure therapy, behavioral self-control, cognitive therapy, and behavioral activation therapy. In joining Motivational Interviewing with CBT, Dr. Rose provides the balance between collaborative engagement and targeted behavior modification necessary for effective long-term growth and change.


An avid participant in auto racing, Dr. Rose has for the last 20 years been providing sports psychological consultation to members of the auto racing sport, both in office and on track.

Health Behavior Change

Perhaps the most exciting subspecialty in clinical psychology, the field of health behavior change encompasses acute and chronic disorders that have a substantial lifestyle component.

Autistic Spectrum Disorders

As a newly degreed clinical child psychologist, Dr. Rose was struck by the plethora of needs of children on the autistic spectrum, and quickly began providing integrative care to these children and their families.

ADHD & Alternative Learning Styles

As an expert in the neuropsychology of ADHD and related disorders, Dr. Rose provides an integrative, collaborative approach to optimizing the capacity to learn and thrive in educational and work environments.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Dr. Rose is both expert in and has taught at the graduate level the application of evidence-based exposure therapy interventions to treat OCD, PTSD, and related disorders.

Anxiety Management

The “CBT” in MI/CBT refers to behavioral interventions and Dr. Rose both teaches and provides treatment in cognitive behavioral treatments for anxiety, panic, and related problems.

Cannabis Use Problems

As with all substance misuse and addiction problems, cannabis misuse is fundamentally a health behavior problem, and responds well to MI/CBT interventions.

Sleep Health

We now know that effective sleeping is key to both physical health and emotional resiliency. Conversely, sleep difficulties almost always increase the severity and duration of most emotional, behavioral, and physiological problems.

Academic & Work-Life Coaching

With 25 years of experience as an educator, Dr. Rose is keenly aware of the challenges of navigating a successful college and post-graduate course of education, as well as the demands of working and learning within large organizations.


Dr. Rose uses tele-psychology as an integral component of many forms of treatment, including the assessment and management of child behavior disorders, couples and family conflict resolution, and the management of OCD, panic, and anxiety difficulties.


MI/CBT brings together the wisdom of two of the most important current evidence-based strategies of behavior change: Motivational interviewing and cognitive behavioral therapy.