As with all substance misuse and addiction problems, cannabis misuse is fundamentally a health behavior problem, and responds well to MI/CBT interventions. However, the topic of cannabis use is often a difficult one for both individuals and for their families, particularly in the current context of legalization of cannabis for recreational and medicinal uses, and the varied scientific evidence that both supports the potential positive health consequences of cannabis use and also cautions regarding the lack of clarity at present regarding the neurophysiological effects of acute and ongoing cannabis use. An expert in the field of substance use and misuse, Dr. Rose has been teaching various graduate level course on substance misuse and addiction since the early 1990’s. He brings a wealth of knowledge, both clinical and scientific, to discussions of cannabis use, including an appreciation of both the potential benefits and harm associated with cannabinoids. His goal in working with adolescents, adults, and their families is to facilitate commitment to low-risk cannabis use or abstinence, in a manner that is consistent with the needs, values, and sensibilities of all concerned.